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artsnacks august 2014

Not gonna bother with a photo, pretty sure everyone else and their mom has a photo of the things that came with this package. Only mentioning it here because it’s the first box I’ve gotten and some people might be interested and really, I’m sort of crabby about the brush.

There was a full-sized tube of M. Graham & Co. acrylic, a tiny pot of Master’s Brush Cleaner, a Genie Canvas (collapsible stretched canvas) that’s around 4.5” x 6” and a Connoisseur Protege Taklon brush. The candy is maybe a lifesaver? It got pulverized in shipping.

Here’s my gripe - the brush was shipped with thin tissue as protection and nothing else. Right now it’s getting soaked and dried repeatedly to straighten out the bristles but I’m just really surprised that as artists, they wouldn’t know that brushes basically need to be protected by some sort of solid material like a plastic tube or at least triangular cardboard. Bah.

The canvas is a very good concept in idea form but in practice there’re probably still some kinks to work out. Mine has a groove in it that won’t come out because the stretch that I can control isn’t in that direction.

Oh and there are four typos in the description card, but I dunno how much anyone else cares about things like that.

Giving it another month to see how it goes.

.u. Hello there. I saw your booth at con and I sneakily took a business card to follow you guys. Keep up the extremely cute work and have a nice day!

Thank you! Just in case you didn’t catch my partner’s cute (smaller) card that was on her side, she’s havesomebats and a marvelous lady. ^^ Hope your week goes well too!

AX + Fanime 2014

Alright, now that I’m completely finished with freelance I can finally update properly.

First off, thank you for choosing to follow me if you had picked up my info at either Fanime or AX this year - I really, really appreciate it. I hope that you find your time with me enjoyable. ^^

Also, much thanks and love to everyone I tabled with/hung out with/met/spoke with at AX and Fanime - havesomebats, etherelle, luckyblackcatxiii, scrotumnosekrusca, fictograph, gigglehappy, rammicakes, feyuca, and definitely the AA staff for Fanime for being lifesavers on the last day there. I think I’m probably going to try to be back for various AAs next year because of these lovely folk.

The rest of this post is going to be analysis so feel free to skip it if it’s not your thing.

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HEY EVERYBODY! I will be at AX all weekend sharing a table with the lovely akanekun! We will be at table H20, right next to my bestie etherelle and her lovely gf luckyblackcatxiii! COME FIND US AND SAY HI!

Map credit goes to sayonararolling~

Yes, at AX. Gods, I’m bad at remembering to do this stuff. Come say hi and stuff!

As mentioned on twitter, come say hi at fanime table 1005!

As mentioned on twitter, come say hi at fanime table 1005!

I’m excited. Unreasonably excited. The last paranormal series I gave two hoots about was X-Files, for crying out loud.

My most excellent buddy Eric Ng is currently running a kickstarter for a gorgeous volume of his work! Absolutely fantastic cosplay photography, you should definitely check it out if you’re looking for excellent reference or just a magnificent coffee table book.